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Automotive Lubricants - Engine Oil Additives

SLIPKOTE MOTOR OIL CONDITIONER-1 (MOC-1) is a specially formulated premium crankcase oil conditioner. It is designed to quiet valve and lifter noise, reduce oil consumption and increase horsepower by enhancing the viscosity and protection of the motor oil at both normal and extended high temperature operation. SLIPKOTE MOC-1 utilizes special proprietary additives that chemically plate the metal surfaces against wear and scuffing, thus lowering maintenance costs and increasing the life of the engine. SLIPKOTE MOC-1 contains active anti-oxidation ingredients that increase the oxidation properties of the motor oil and help to neutralize the corrosive combustion formed acids that damage the engine. SLIPKOTE MOC-1 does not contain any chlorinated paraffins or lead compounds that can increase combustion acid formation.

SLIPKOTE MOTOR TUNE-UP (MTU) is a "state of the art" engine oil conditioner, cleaner and friction reducer designed to clean and protect the engine against the sludge and varnish accumulations: while at the same time reducing friction and heat, thus allowing the engine to run at peak performance. SLIPKOTE MOTOR TUNE-UP'S cleaning action works while the car is being driven. It frees sticking valves, valve lifters, valve train and piston rings which reduces valve noise and oil consumption and increases power. The special additives in SLIPKOTE MOTOR TUNE-UP (MTU) forms an extremely durable chemical plating on the metal parts that reduces friction, increases the load carrying capacity of the moving parts, minimizes wear and prevents galling scuffing, or scoring on loaded surfaces. SLIPKOTE MOTOR TUNE-UP (MTU) does not contain any lead, chlorinated paraffins, graphite, moly or PTFE.

SLIPKOTE MOTOR SEAL RENEW is a unique, scientifically engineered, versatile engine oil treatment. It is designed to stop oil leaks from older, hardened seals that are not damaged or cracked, reduce friction on moving parts, neutralize motor acids and protect against corrosion. Oil consumption, due to leaking seals, is stopped by a unique controlled seal swell additive that renews the pliability of the seal and restores them to their original size and performance level. SLIPKOTE MOTOR SEAL RENEW contains powerful cleansing and detergency additives which clean-up the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve by dissolving the harmful contaminants from blow-by gases which frequently build up on the valve rendering it inoperative.