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Automotive Lubricants - CV Joint Greases

SLIPKOTE PREMIUM MOLY CV JOINT GREASE was designed specifically as a constant velocity joint lubricant. This product was developed incorporating the latest lubrication technology. It provides superior extreme pressure and high temperature properties which are not found in CV Joint Greases offered by others in the Automotive OEM and Aftermarket Industry. SLIPKOTE PREMIUM MOLY CV JOINT GREASE is a lithium thickened paraffinic base oil that is fortified with 3% molybdenum disulfide. This premium base oil includes a controlled high viscosity index that ensures compatibility with various elastomer seal materials.

SLIPKOTE POLYUREA CV-JOINT GREASE is the recommended constant velocity joint lubricant with General Motors and on some Honda model front wheel drive vehicles. This preference is based on its "thixotropic" consistency over conventional lithium base greases.