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Automotive Lubricants - General Greases

SLIPKOTE MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE is a general lubricating grease comprisied of lithium thickeners and refined base stocks. SLIPKOTE MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE is good for use in many applications where high temperature or extreme pressure performance is not required. It is the perfect choice for lawn and garden, Farm Equipment, Chassis Greases Points or General Lubrication.
Note: Not recommended for wheel bearings where disc brakes are used.

SLIPKOTE HIGH TEMP WHEEL BEARING GREASE contains a Calcium Sulfonate thickener in a highly refined petroleum base oil. Extreme pressure additives are incorporated to further enhance the load carrying capabilities of this grease. It provides superior protection in both high and low temperature applications. It is characterized with a very high mechanical shear stability and has excellent resistance to water, oxidation and corrosion. SLIPKOTE HIGH TEMP WHEEL BEARING GREASE will signidicantly outperform other premium greases such as lithium complex, aluminum complex, and traditional calcium soap-thickened greases due to its ultra sulfonated technology. Part of this technology is that it contains no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives such as phosphorus, chlorine, zinc, phenols, barium or lead. It meets GC LB requirements.

SLIPKOTE HTS-2 MOLY GREASE is a premium quality synthetic high temperature grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide (Moly). Blended completely from pure synthetic base oils and thickeners to provide extended service life and wide temperature ranges. Coupled with the most modern extreme pressure and anti-wear additives it proves an exceptional lubricant for use in industry today.

SLIPKOTE SPEEDOMETER GREASE is a premium quality, low temperature calcium grease that provides superior flexible cable housing lubrication at temperatures as low as -65°F. It is designed to prevent pulsating in wet or dry conditions and will outperform an ordinary grease as a speedometer cable lubricant in Automotive, Truck, Farm, Marine, and Industrial applications.

SLIPKOTE MP-2 MARINE GREASE is truly a multi-purpose grease for the marine industry. It is characterized by spectacular mechanical shear stability, very high loads carrying ability, excellent resistance to water, oxidation, and corrosion. It has outstanding performance in high temperature applications. In many cases, it equals or outperforms other high temperature greases such as lithium complex, aluminum complex and polyurea base greases. It contains no heavy metals or other harmful environmentally undesirable additives, which would be harmful to the marine environment.

SLIPKOTE POLYUREA MP-2 GREASE is a second generation polyurea grease. This unique new, high performance, multipurpose grease is based on advanced polyurea technology. It will supplant lithium and lithium complex greases because it will out-perform them at high and low temperatures. It has better resistance to water washout and tests have proven it to last twice as long as a lithium or lithium complex grease. Meets the requirements of NLGI GCLB

SLIPKOTE AQUAPLEX 524 & 985 GREASES are waterproof, non-melting, pure synthetic greases fortified with PTFE. They are formulated to seal out water and lubricate under the most adverse conditions. This is due to the adhesive and extreme pressure properties that prevent metal to metal contact.

Because of their pure synthetic base, high load carrying capacity and wear protection, SLIPKOTE AQUAPLEX GREASES are far superior than petroleum, white oil based greases on the market today.

SLIPKOTE DYN "O" LUBE is a silicone based grease primarily used for dynamic lubrication between rubber and metal parts. It is designed to insure positive sealing by controlled rubber swelling of o-rings and seals in pneumatic systems. The incorporated pure synthetic thickener compliments the silicone base oil with a no drop point that gives this grease a positive operating temperature range of -85° F to better than 400° F (-65° to 200° C).

SLIPKOTE SFG HI-LOW GREASE represents some of the most advanced lubricant technology. It is a versatile, premium quality, synthetic grease fortified with PTFE. Blended completely from pure synthetic base oils, its additives and shear stable thickeners provide maximum equipment protection in extremely high and low temperatures. SFG HI LOW GREASE is an excellent choice for Seat Track lubrication. (Operating Range -75°F to over 500°F)