Automotive Lubricants - Oil Additives

SLIPKOTE GEARTEC is an industrial and automotive oil concentrate, treatment that represents the latest in lubricant additive technology. It is formulated to dramatically reduce friction and wear, quiet gear and bearing noises and reduce surface temperatures, thus permitting the gear assemblies to run more efficiently. SLIPKOTE GEARTEC is a heavy-duty oil treatment designed to smooth the shifting and protect against friction and heat in all makes and models of manual transmissions, differentials and transaxles. SLIPKOTE GEARTEC forms an "armor like" chemical plating on the metal parts that reduces friction, increases the load carrying capacity, minimizes wear and prevents galling scuffing, or scoring on loaded surfaces. Because SLIPKOTE GEARTEC contains a proprietary metal conditioner it is excellent as an engine assembly lubricant for all gasoline and diesel engines. SLIPKOTE GEARTEC is environmentally friendly as it does not contain lead, chlorinated paraffins, graphite, moly, or PTFE.

SLIPKOTE METAL-COAT is a "state of the art" oil soluble, heat stable, metal conditioner and friction reducer designed to mix readily with lubrication fluids and then be carried by them to heat and friction points of machinery. SLIPKOTE METAL-COAT penetrates and seals rough pores and microscopic imperfections in the metal surfaces providing a better surface for lubrication with no build-up or change in tolerances. SLIPKOTE METAL-COAT is a pure petroleum based oil or grease and does not affect the lubricant to which it is added. It can be used in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, agricultural and marine applications including gasoline & diesel engines, air compressors, hydraulic systems, air tools, greases, etc.