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Automotive Lubricants - Special Greases

SLIPKOTE 220-R DIELECTRIC SILICONE COMPOUND represents the latest technology in silicone lubrication. It is formulated from pure synthetic base oils with a shear, stable, non-melting thickener that provides maximum protection from -50°F to 550°F (- 45°C to 287.8°C.) This purity is what gives this lubricant its high dielectric strength. In addition, we have specifically engineered this product to provide protection against wear, oxidation, rust, corrosion and other problems associated with the electrical industry. SLIPKOTE 220-R DIELECTRIC SILICONE COMPOUND is designed to be compatible with most plastics and rubbers, especially ethylene propylene terpolymer (EPDM, EPT) and other elastomers commonly used as insulation for wires and terminals.

SLIPKOTE BATTERY CORROSION PREVENTATIVE TREATMENT is a heavy-duty, anti-corrosion compound homogenized into a special non-melting, semi-synthetic carrier. This unique blend seals, protects and preserves battery terminal connections from corrosion while promoting the maximum in conductivity. The distinctive Red color makes it easy to identify during and after application.

SLIPKOTE ANTI-CORROSION GREASE is a pure synthetic based, non-melting, waterproof grease designed to seal out water and protect metal surfaces and electrical connections under the most demanding conditions. SLIPKOTE ANTI-CORROSION GREASE utilizes the most advanced additives to provide maximum protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion on metal parts. SLIPKOTE ANTI-CORROSION GREASE is an excellent choice for lamp bulb sockets, wire splicing terminals, switch contacts, battery terminals, etc.

SLIPKOTE PF-30 LUBE is a perfluoropolyether (PFPE) base oil, with state-of-the-art additives, which is thickened with PTFE to form a grease. It can be used in a myriad of applications. Whenever one finds limitations with their present grease, SLIPKOTE PF-30 meets the challenging requirements. For example, SLIPKOTE PF-30 does not attack seals under high temperature; it is not attacked by fuming sulfuric acid, or high pH caustic sodium hydroxide; it has no flash point, therefore, it is safe to use under any conditions. It is safe to use in oxygen service; it can be used continually at 550°F, so it finds a multitude of uses at high temperatures, it has a low pour point for excellent low temperature performance. It has very low volatility at high temperatures, so it is excellent in sealed-for-life bearing applications. It has high EP characteristics, so it can be used in heavily loaded bearings.

Operating Range -40°F to + 500°F